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Embassy Gruen Watch

embassy gruen watch

    gruen watch
  • The Gruen Watch Company was formerly one of the largest watch manufacturers in the United States. It was in business from about 1894 to 1958 and was based in Cincinnati, Ohio.

  • The position or function of an ambassador

  • an ambassador and his entourage collectively

  • A diplomatic mission is a group of people from one state or an international inter-governmental organisation (such as the United Nations) present in another state to represent the sending state/organisation in the receiving state.

  • The official residence or offices of an ambassador

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Steampunk Unisex Adjustable 17 Jewels Gruen Watch Movement Ring with Rubies

Steampunk Unisex Adjustable 17 Jewels Gruen Watch Movement Ring with Rubies

This lovely Gruen watch movement ring features 17 jewels and is the perfect accessory for any time travel adventure you may have on your agenda.

Unisex ring is mounted on an adjustable bright raw brass filigree ring base with industrial strength adhesive.

Watch movement, 227 movement, appears to be gold and measures about 3/4 of an high by about 5/8 of an inch wide. 5 of the small rubies used in the watch are visible on the top of the ring. The ring is 1 inch high from the top of the watch movement to the bottom of the band and can be worn with watch movement pointing up or down. Truly, a lovely, versatile piece of steamy style.

Due to the size of the watch movement, this is a bit more delicate and feminine than many of my other rings, but it would still make a great pinky ring for any fine Steampunk gentleman.

All my steampunk items feature repurposed materials from items that were no longer in working order. In this manner, I am able to revive a bit of the past rather and provide it with a new, functional life as a wearable art object of beauty.

TDGacho Prelims

TDGacho Prelims

elements : 3 pictures of wrist watch (front view, 3/4 view, Macro ) , wrist watch case .
lighting used: Natural light
Product: Embassy Diamond Quartz Watch by Gruen

embassy gruen watch

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