Watch all seasons of the office online. Watch sports online

Watch All Seasons Of The Office Online

watch all seasons of the office online

    office online
  • Microsoft Office Online is the Microsoft Office tools and assistance Web site. The site provides Office how-to articles, tips, training courses, templates, clip art, stock photos and media, downloads (including add-ins for Microsoft Office programs), productivity-enhancing tools, and Web-based

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Day 165- feeling of audible cracks

Day 165- feeling of audible cracks

today... HHHHHHHHHHHH! [that's the sound of a sigh]

the first part of the day was great. everyone was on time, not too many walk ins, everyone was pleasant. i went and got my car washed, then started looking online for swimsuits to pass the time. I love getting my car washed, actually. I wait until everything starts going and i turn up my music really loud and just relax. We all have our own ways, i guess.

when i went back to work, it was completely different. There were an hour of extra walk ins, a lot of people were rude, and I was just too tired to deal with it. And yet... i did anyway. Gotta make money, i guess.

after a brief stop at target, then a slightly longer stop at home [and a shower, because you never know what the patients have brought in with them], i went over to boyfriend's house to watch the fourth Season of Entourage [what i bought at target.] i ended up giving it to him as a gift, to complete his collection. He's cute.

PS: I learn exactly where I'm going and when for my ISV trip in 7-10 weeks. I'm pretty sure i'm going to New Zealand and Fiji, but there's a chance I'm going to Australia and Fiji or Costa Rica and the Galapagos... we'll see! Fingers crossed, but i'll be happy any way it turns out.

A good sign: online patient portal

A good sign: online patient portal

"Would you like online access to your health information". Yes, thanks. We're glad that Amy's new primary care physician offers an online patient portal.

watch all seasons of the office online

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